For National S’Mores Day…Nutella S’mores!

This was what I thought last year on August 9, the day before National S’mores Day…and it holds true this year! I love using Nutella instead of chocolate on s’mores because 1) the chocolate doesn’t always melt enough to be gooey, and b) I don’t like chocolate, but I LOVE hazelnut and chocolate. Anyway, here are my words of wisdom from last year…

Occasionally, I have a lightbulb moment, such as this idea for Nutella S’Mores.  I do love Nutella, and I thought it might be perfect on a s’more.  And it was!

By the way, tomorrow, August 10, is National S’Mores Day.  Uh-huh, it is. I Googled it. So use your day wisely and prep your supplies!


As you can probably surmise, you just add a nice schmear of Nutella on one side of the graham cracker (and a few slices of strawberry or banana is delicious, too!), then use another graham to sandwich your toasted marshmallow and slide it off the roasting stick.

Easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy!

I even made a scrapbook page of our discovery…



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