Daily Gifts Basket

Last month, when the hubs and I selfishly took a vacation all alone, I decided to leave a little daily treat for each of the hooligans. If you’re not deserting your children, but still want to give them a little thrill, I think this would be fun for the last week of summer, or each day during Spring Break, or any other time you want some extra hugs!Treat-Basket-ChaosServedDai

The treats were nothing big…a pack of Big League Chew (The Sandlot is a favorite movie this summer), a bag of Cheetos, a new paperback, a small composition book and four-color pen, a package of Pop Rocks…that kind of thing. I made labels for each day and popped them onto the bags…I used an assortment of favor bag leftovers that I had on hand.

Getting a little present was a daily reminder of how much we missed them and gave them something to look forward to, since they opened them after dinner each day.  And, as I said, it was fun to get all those extra hugs when we returned!


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