Easy Crocheted Beaded Wire Bracelet

I know, like I need another needlecraftiness hobby, right?  I taught myself to knit a couple of years ago, but had never worked on crocheting. All my female relatives have were always working on afghans when I was small (and my dad would, too, losing the patience to watch my mom, he would take over her projects. I think that might have been her plan all along.). I think I learned how, years ago, but had forgotten.

Then, over the summer, I had a wild idea to make some crocheted wire bracelets.  I had to figure out to crochet first, though, which really wasn’t hard. This bracelet uses just chain stich and single crochet…how easy is that?  And it comes together in less than an hour, which makes it a perfect last-minute craft project for Christmas gifts.


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 28 gauge wire (in the jewelry or crafting section)
  • about 35 medium-sized beads (like pearl-sized)
  • F crochet hook
  • Word bead or charm
  • Toggle clasp

1. Thread the beads onto the wire in the order you like, adding in the charms or word beads.

2. Make a slipknot with the wire, and begin making a chain. Work one or two beads into every other chain stitch, whatever looks good. Make about 30 fairly loose chain stiches (your bracelet should be about 7-1/2” long).  Make two extra chain stitches to turn the row, then crochet a row of single crochet stitches, working one or two beads into each one.

3. When you get back to the beginning, cut the wire, leaving a tail about 2” long. Thread it through one part of the toggle, then wrap it around itself to make a tidy end.

4. Cut another piece of wire about 2” long, and thread it through the other part of the toggle. Wire it to the other end of the bracelet, again wrapping the wire around itself neatly.

This is a very forgiving craft…by its very design, it’s rather abstract and free-form. You can use colored wire, identical beads, or a mix of seed beads, silver ones, and pearl-sized ones, as I did. It’s entirely up to you and your aesthetic sensibilities!


These are really fun to make, and there’s really no way to make an ugly one!  I hope you’ll give them a try…and if you don’t know how to crochet, there are tons of simple to follow videos online that will get you on your way in no time at all. Seriously, I watched one ten-minute long video and I was comfortable making this.


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