Simple Mummy Treat Basket

When I spied this white plastic storage crate at Target, I immediately thought of mummies.  Not scary, gross ones, but nice, clean, friendly ones!  With a smile! With about 3 minutes of work (most of which was finding the large flat glass pebbles in my craft stash), I turned it into a cute Mummy Treat Basket for our Halloween visitors.


I just needed two of those large flat glass pebbles, some white and black cardstock, and a couple of circle punches. I punched a white circle 1-3/4” (that’s the size of the glass pebbles), a black one that’s 1” in diameter, and used clear glue to attach them to the pebbles, then to attach the pebble eyes to the plastic. I put the crate on its side until the glue dried. I used Crystal Effects from Stampin’ Up!, which hold pretty much anything and doesn’t yellow over time.

I freehand-cut the mouth and used the same glue to attach it to the crate. And I was done!

The crate was in the home storage area of Target, if you’re looking for one for yourself. It’s about 12” long, 6” wide, and 6” tall and cost about $4, I think. It’s a fun addition to our Halloween décor, awaiting its big chance to be useful on Halloween night!


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