Dry Erase Chore Charts

I’ve posted a couple of other chore charts through the years, but the hooligans keep growing, and I keep giving them new responsibilities (like cleaning the bathrooms and sweeping…which I hate!). I thought, why not break out a new chart for the new school year?  They love them, of course, because they involve dry erase markers, and because they’re little goal-oriented Type A’s. Well, one is, anyway, and the other two are competitive.


To make them, I used Photoshop Elements.  I drew the grid, added the text, and dropped in a digital background paper in each kid’s favorite color. You could also just design them in Word and print on scrapbooking paper, if you’re not a digital scrapper.

I made them 7” x 5” and laminated them WITH MY NEW LAMINATOR that I found for next to nothing online. And I really wanted to use it!  I felt like my mom, though, when it was hot and I was looking for anything else I could possibly laminate in my house. She was that was when she had a perfect charcoal and hickory fire going in our barbeque growing up…anything she could grill at that moment, she would.

But I digress. Here’s what they look like in digital format:


I found magnetic clips at the Target Dollar Spot (4 for $1), and small dry erase markers in a pack of 3 for $3, and they’re even in matching colors. And in case you think my frig is hideously ugly, I had to take a photo outside for the lighting. They’re actually on metal board the kids use to build marble magnetic tracks, which is portable, unlike my refrigerator. But you get the idea. As you can see, last week Princess Thundercloud was a total slacker and Mr. Type A in the middle completely fills in each block. Funny kids.


We’re only three weeks into school, but so far, they’re still intrigued enough to want to mark off boxes each day.  Hopefully it will last!


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