Dark Chocolate Cherries with Amaretto

Occasionally I like to blow the socks off my kids, and these simple Dark Chocolate Cherries do the trick, especially for Valentine’s Day.  Oh, and for the hubs, I drizzle a little amaretto over the top, which makes them, well, over the top! The kids think they’re being spoiled with sugar, but the cherries really aren’t that bad for them.  After a day filled with candy (because I’m not at school to slap it out of their hands), I can still indulge them a little.Choc-Cherries-ChaosServedDaThey’re so simple, yet look like you went to all kinds of trouble to make them. All you need are a jar of maraschino cherries with the stems still on, some dark chocolate chips or melting wafers, and a bit of amaretto liqueur.

First, drain the cherries and let them dry for a few hours on a couple of layers of paper towels.  If they’re wet at all, the chocolate won’t stick, and that would be a shame!

When your cherries are dry, melt the chocolate according to the package directions (I usually use a glass bowl in the microwave; the glass holds the chocolate longer at the melted temperature). Then just dip the cherries and place them on a baking sheet lined with waxed paper. Chill until firm (an hour or so), then place four or five cherries in a champagne flute.

Drizzle a small amount of amaretto over the cherries in each glass, and serve.  They’re pretty on a dessert buffet, and add a perfect elegant touch with very little fuss!  I served these for the first time at a book club a few years ago (we were discussing Twilight) and I’ve made them numerous times since. I’m so glad my friend Kerri shared the idea with me!

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