Kidcraft: Washi Christmas Tree Canvas

Yep, we’ve been trapped inside for another weekend while the hubs was off in an exotic locale on an exercise. So we crafted, of course! Specifically, we made Washi Christmas Tree Canvas decorations for their rooms.

I found a fun set of kid’s paper craft tape at Target recently, so I kinda sorta turned them loose with that and some canvases to create their own designs. .


Aren’t those cool tapes?  They were in the kid’s crafts section, with crayons and posterboards.Tapes-ChaosServedDailyThis tape was easier for my kids to work with than washi is, I think because it’s thicker and easier to tear straight across.  I used some gold foil sticker paper from Silhouette and a Stampin’ Up! die to cut the “Peace and Joy” and we punched stars out of the foil using a paper punch.

They loved this tape so much, we had to find something else to do with it…so we made cards to send to soldiers in Afghanistan.  We have a friend deployed over there, so we sent a bunch marked “To Any Service Member” for him to pass out amongst his troops.

Unfortunately, I forgot to photograph their masterpieces before mailing them, but here they are, hard at work:


I admit, my eye was a little twitchy, seeing all this messiness as we were crafting, but they enjoyed it so much, I got over it. And they were super helpful about cleaning up. Seriously, they were. I was amazed. I think we ended up sending almost 20 cards, so hopefully they will cheer up some soldiers’ holidays.

I hope Target has a new set of tape designs out soon…I think they were $10 for the set of nine tapes, and I’d much rather the hooligans craft with these than with my washi tape hoard…I might need that someday!


3 thoughts on “Kidcraft: Washi Christmas Tree Canvas

  1. Thanks for giving me a reason to buy more washi tape. I keep telling myself at the craft store- “Walk AWAY from the washi tape!!!!” Seriously my 6 year old would love this.

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