Notepad Holder from File Folder

These folders are another “oldie but goodie” that I first made several years ago, then forgot about until I saw some cute file folders at the $1 Spot at Target. I mean, I have as many loose papers that need filing as the next person, but you can only use so many folders.  Hmmmm…my brain started whirring….

My purchase was justified, though, when I remembered these cute folders. What a perfect use for them…and I’m not squandering a whole dollar now! Justification, people, that’s what crafting is all about, really.



  • File folder (preferably in a cute print)
  • Bone folder
  • Scoring board
  • Sticky Tape
  • 5”x8” notepad
  • Velcro dot
  • Ribbon

1. Cut 1/4” off the bottom of the folder (with folder closed, tab to right). Open the folder, tab to the right, and score it 1/2” left of the center fold.


2. Cut off 2-1/4” from the left side (from the widest point, if there is a tab on that side). Also cut the tab off the right side.


3. Score at 12-1/2” and 13”. I forgot to take a photo of that step. Then turn folder sideways and score at 3-1/8” from the bottom, all the way across the folder. You might need to close the folder so it fits on your board.


4. Fold on all the lines you’ve scored, and cut out the rectangle formed by scores in bottom right corner.


5. Add Sticky Strip on lower part of each side, as shown.


6. Remove Sticky Strip liner and fold bottom up from scored line.  Press firmly (burnish is the technical term!) using the bone folder, to adhere well.


7 Cut a small slit halfway down the spine and another in line with it, where the flap laps over the front.  Run (don’t rub, as my photo says…silly me) through it and tie a knot. This is just for decoration. Add a Velcro dot to the front and the foldover part to hold the folder closed.


8 Use a scrap of file folder, cut to 3/4” x 5”, to embellish the notepad (attach it with some sticky strip).


9. Enjoy using it! (or it makes a fun gift for a friend or teacher)



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