5-Minute Superhero Cape

Sometimes Princess Thundercloud wants to be a superhero, not a princess.  Or maybe she’s still a Superhero Princess. Who knows what goes on in that imaginative little brain?  Anyway, she wanted a girly cape, not the red standard one that was already in the dressup box. Fortuitously, I had a pink t-shirt that was ready for the rag bag because of stains and tears on the front. Apparently I got my money’s worth while crafting in it!

With a pair of pinking shears and some Hello Kitty duct tape, I made her this cape in less than five minutes. Nifty, right?

Cape-ChaosServedDailyTo make one for your little superhero, simply cut on a diagonal from the bottom as far to the front as you can, up past the armholes in the back, to a point about two to three inches from the neck on the shoulder seam. Then maintain that width all the way around the front of the neck to the other shoulder seam.  Again cut on a diagonal down, past the back of the armhole, to the bottom, making the bottom flare as much as possible for the cape. (A cape needs to be wide at the back for flying, you know!)

She can easily slip it over her head by herself, but if you’re worried about a choking hazard, you can cut the front in two and attach velcro to hold it closed there, but easily separate if the cape gets stuck on something. But then it might take a few extra minutes, to sew the Velcro on securely.

Lastly, I stuck on a giant letter E (she’s Super E!) made of Hello Kitty duct tape. Of course, it can’t go in the washer with the duct tape on it, but she’s had it for about a year and it hasn’t needed washing yet. And, as you can see below, it gets a workout from her!



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