Beaded Stitch Markers

As I was perusing knitting needles at the craft store the other day, I noticed a little package of beaded stitch markers. And I thought (go ahead, say it with me!), “I could easily make those myself!”Stitch-Markers-Title

They required just a few supplies, most of which I already had.  I only needed to purchase some earring hooks. To make them, you’ll need some beads (different colors for the main bead of each is best), head pins, and earring hooks.  As far as tools, I used needle-nose pliers and another pair known to me only as “my jewelry pliers.” They most likely have another name.  The tips are conical, so perfect for making different size loops.


The first step is to string a few beads on a head pin, then wrap the end around the pliers to make a loop.


Next, wrap the end around two or three times, then snip it as closely as you can.  Use the needle-nose pliers to wrap it tightly around…you don’t want it to snag your yarn.


Open one of the earring hooks using the needlenose pliers.


Slip the beaded piece into the open earring loop, then close it using the pliers.


And you’re done! Now you can “tend to your knitting” again, as my grandma used to tell me.  I’m pretty sure she was not telling my nosy nose to actually go knit.

So are you working on any new needlework projects?  I finished my first hat (very successfully, I thought!) and gave it to my sweetie for Valentine’s Day. Apparently he liked it…he even wore it while sitting on the couch watching “Hotel Transylvania” with the hooligans. I didn’t think our house was THAT cold!Signature

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