A Charm Bracelet for My Charmer

After years of brainstorming what craft I can make for my boys for Christmas(because, really, all they want are things with wheels or Legos, neither of which I can or want to make), I so enjoy being able to create girly things for Princess Thundercloud.

She’s become my shopping buddy, no surprise since her first word was not “Mama” but “shoes.” If it’s shiny, jeweled, glittered, or all three, she must have it. Or at least handle it extensively as we pass.

This year her “Handmade by Mama” gift is this charm bracelet, with wire-wrapped charms I made.


The snowflakes are scrapbooking elements, wrapped with wire to raise the sparkle factor and create a loop for the jump ring to attach to the bracelet links.

To make the wire-wrapped charms, I first made little paper charms using Stampin’ Up’s Merry Mini Punch Pack and Festival of Prints Designer Series Paper.  I punched out 8 layers, adhered them together, then coated each side with Crystal Effects to make them shiny.  I let them dry for a few days, just to be sure they were hard.

The other supplies I used included round-nose jewelry pliers (also called Rosary pliers) and thin wire, both in the jewelry supply section of the craft store.Charm-supplies

The wire-wrapping actually proved to be fun.  I cut about a six-inch piece of wire (the pliers also cut wire) and, leaving about an inch long tail, began wrapping it around the paper charm, making sure the charm was secure in its little nest.  I used the nose of the pliers to make a couple of curls, and added glass seed beads to a couple of the charms.

When I had wrapped to my heart’s content, I wrapped the end around the tail I had left a couple of times and cut it as closely as I could.  I then used the pliers to tuck the end right against the tail.


To make the loop for hanging, use the pliers to bend the tail down and around itself.  Wrap it tightly two or three times.


To attach the charms to the bracelet, I used split rings (I think they’re much more secure than plain jump rings, even if more difficult to attach), threading the charm onto the ring, then attaching it to the bracelet. I found the bracelet (with jump rings) in the jewelry-making department at Walmart. Yes, there is such a thing. And the bracelet was less than $2!


I’m sure my little charmer will flounce around, showing off her bracelet, during the holidays…wouldn’t your little girl love one, too?


4 thoughts on “A Charm Bracelet for My Charmer

  1. Wow, I love that!! And I love that the actual bracelet is so inexpensive. I’m going to try to do this for my daughter, and maybe my mom for Christmas. You did a beautiful job wrapping those charms!

  2. How beautiful!! I have three little charmers that would love this!! Thank you for linking up the Adorned From Above Blog Hop! We appreciate you sharing with us!
    Debi @ Adornedfromabove.com
    Joye & Myrna @ thebusybhive.blogspot.com

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