Santa’s Longjohns Candy Bag

I found this cute Santa’s Longjohns Candy Bag at a craft bazaar a long, long time ago…probably at least ten years ago, before I had kids and could freely wander through the booths without a care in the world. I’ve copied it many times, however, in the years since, and I decided it was finally time to write up a pattern and share it!  I don’t think it’s copyrighted already, and I apologize if it is…just send me a note if I’m infringing.

Anyway, here it is…Candy-Bag-Title-ChaosServed

Sorry the photos are not the best…it’s been gloomy, gloomy here and it’s hard to get great shots! And it was a little snowy and pine needles were everywhere!


Click here for the downloadable pattern

This is so simple if you have basic sewing skills. And a sewing machine.   First, for the felt…you can make 15 from one yard of 45” wide felt, so much cheaper than buying those little squares of thinner felt.   Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Red felt
  • 5 small white buttons per bag you’re making…2 on back, 3 on front
  • 9” green ribbon for the bow at the neck
  • 1” square scraps of Christmas fabric for the patch on the front
  • Rhyme printed out and cut with decorative scissors
  • Fabric glue or hot glue for buttons, ribbon, and patches

The directions are printed on the pattern download, but here they are again.

1. Cut 2 of the bodies and one flap. Cut a 2” long slit in one body, where the flap would go.

2. Sew the flat side of the flap to the body with a slit in it, just above the slit. Candy-Bag-Back-ChaosServedD

3. Put the two bodies together, with the flap on the outside, and sew all around the edges.

4. Glue 2 buttons on the flap and 3 buttons and a ribbon bow on the front at the neck.  Glue the small fabric piece, like a patch, on the front.  Also glue the paper with the rhyme on it to the front. Candy-Bag-Front-ChaosServed

5. Stuff some treats inside!

Here’s the rhyme for the tag:

I looked for a stocking,

But couldn’t find a spare,

So I ended up stuffing

Santa’s red underwear!Candy-Bag-Sign-ChaosServedD

Trust me, the little ones in your life (and some big ones, too!) will get a kick out of these!


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