Veterans Day 2014

Today, I’m not sharing a craft or a recipe…I’m simply expressing my gratitude to all of our country’s veterans. I made this shadowbox display after my favorite GI Joe’s second deployment. I think it spells out why he, and millions of other military members, as well as their families, do what they do…being separated from loved ones for months at a time, working twelve hour days when they aren’t deployed, and, for far too many, selflessly sacrificing their own lives.


Since retiring a month ago, my husband has embarked on a new career, working with transitioning veterans in Washington state. I’m thankful he’s found a job that allows him to continue to serve others.  Although I’m not sure he realizes it, that’s where his heart lies…in making a difference every day, no matter how small.

Our country is blessed beyond measure by our military members. I hope we never forget to show them our appreciation, and always give them our unwavering support.

Thank you to all who serve.

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