Smoked Trout Canapes

I may have mentioned a time or twenty that I have the best neighbors in the world, and not just because they spoil us rotten!  Last fall, neighbors on one side brought over their entire harvest of pumpkins, which they had planted especially for the hooligans. They also kept us provided with fresh veggies well into the fall.  Another set of neighbors is constantly giving us tasty stuff…yesterday, we got two quarts of fresh-picked blueberries!

A couple of weeks ago, they brought over some smoked trout from a nearby trout farm.  It was a lazy Sunday afternoon, and I (foolishly) thought I’d make a little indulgent snack for the hubs and myself. Well, as soon as I was done photographing it for this post, the hordes began clamoring for a taste. And of course, they loved it!  Seriously? Smoked trout and elementary-age kids?


These would be just (well, almost) as good using smoked salmon, which I think is pretty widely available. It is here in the Northwest, anyway.  I just put a schmear of cream cheese on some mini Doctor Kracker Snacker Crackers (from Costco) and topped each with a little trout. Then I sprinkled on lemon pepper and dill. Voila…yumminess!


And here the little mooches are…I thought they were engrossed in Ninjago, but mo such luck. Fortunately, our neighbors had brought us a generous portion! It’s the hooligans new favorite movie night snack…except for Homemade Kettle Corn, a recipe I’ll be sharing in a few days!


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