Super-Easy Kid Art Hangers

My hooligans are a crafty bunch (and they make some fun art, as well), and they’re forever creating masterpieces that MUST BE SAVED. According to them, anyway.  And they always seem to use odd sizes of paper, so a standard frame just doesn’t work. But here’s something that does…Super-Easy Kid Art Hangers!


Literally, these are hangers!  I just bought a pack of wooden hangers at Target (I think they were about $5 for 4), covered the black rubber part with washi tape, and hung up their art.  Two minutes and I was done. They’re light enough that I can just use push pins to hang them, which the hubs appreciates. Hanger-Close-ChaosServedDai

And, they’re so simple to switch out for the latest and greatest creations…the kids can even do it themselves!

These three hang in their bathroom, but I’m thinking of making each of them a gallery wall over their beds…instant and colorful headboards.  Or maybe a wall of them in the upstairs hallway…it overlooks the living room, so that would be fun to see glimpses of, yet not feel like I’m living in an elementary art classroom.

Anyway, it’s a quick and inexpensive solution to one of our everyday problems…too much creativity, not enough frames!


2 thoughts on “Super-Easy Kid Art Hangers

  1. Great idea! I love these kind of pants hangers anyway. They look good, and especially good as art hangers!

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