Anniversary Photo Flipbook

Last summer, my in-laws celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, and we wanted to make something fun and a little different for them. Here’s what we came up with…I think they liked it!  We certainly had a lot of fun making it!


I’m sure you know the concept…as you hold the book in your left hand and flip through with you right, it looks (at least a little) like a movie.

We started by writing each of the letters we would need on 8-1/2” x 11” cardstock, then the hooligans decorated the letters.  Then I figured out which letters each kid needed to be photographed holding, to make a pattern.  We spelled out Happy 50th Anniversary…original, I know. Then we snapped the photos.


I brightened and sharpened them a bit using Photoshop Elements, then created new images that were 5×7 white backgrounds. I put each letter photo onto the white background, against the right edge and leaving a couple of inches white on the left.


I uploaded all the photos to Costco and printed them in 5×7 format.  We used a photo of all three hooligans for the cover.


When everything was printed, I punched two holes and bound it with bakers’ twine. It really was quite cool!Flip-Page-ChaosServedDaily

We also included a 8×10 that I put all the images on, like a contact sheet, just for fun.

0713 50th All

These would be fun for any special occasion, or just to send a fun message to someone you love!


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