TBT: Parachute Cord Flipflops

Now that the 4th of July is over, and you might be looking for a fun craft to while away an afternoon, I’m sharing this post from last year. I am still wearing my Parachute Cord Flipflops this summer, and they look great…really! But I think I might need them in a different color, just to give myself an excuse to make another pair. If you missed it last year, here’s the how-to:


Here’s how you can make some of your very own!


  • Two 16’ lengths of 550 cord, cut into 8’ sections
  • Two 18” lengths of 550 cord
  • A pair of flipflops
  • Scissors and a lighterFlipflop-Supplies

Before you start, be sure to use a lighter to melt the ends of all your cords.  That will keep them from fraying and make the whole process so much easier. Remove the flipflop part from the sole. Save it to use as a template.

First, you’ll need to make a knot to anchor the flipflops to the sole.







Next, you’ll braid the section that will be between your toes and secure it with the 18” piece and two square knots..flipflop7-ChaosServedDaily




Now the most fun part, I think.  After dividing the cords three to a side, you’ll just tie square knots using the two long cords on each side and the short cord as the center, until your flipflop side is as long as the original that you removed.



Finally, push all three strands through from the top to the bottom and tie securely.  Cut the ends off close to the knot and use a lighter to melt the ends.


There, now…custom made flipflops.  I love these because regular flipflops are usually too loose for me, and especially when the plastic or cloth stretches.  With these, I can make them just the right size. And they’re really comfortable, as well as cute!


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  1. i love this i made myself a pair now i have to make my soon to be niece one for her birthday my grandma dad mom aunt and my grandmas hair dresser i love doing these i’m glad i found this. THANK YOU so much

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