TBT: Red, White, and Blue Strawberries

These Red, White, and Blue Strawberries make me smile every time I make them. And, of course, they always are included in our Independence Day celebrations!  Here’s the original post from a couple of years ago:
As with pretty much every day, I enjoy food that fits a theme. For example, I like to have red, white, and blue things for Memorial Day (and it really can fit almost any day in our Army home!). Here’s a couple of quick treats that fit the bill.

Don’t these look patriotic?  When I was a caterer, I made these by the boatload, and they’re super quick.  Even if you’re making 200 of them.  But you won’t be. Probably. If you don’t have blue sugar, you could just tint some of the candy coating blue and dip the lower third again after the white hardens, or you could just drizzle blue onto the white.

Wash and DRY (that’s key here) your berries. Put some blue sugar crystals in a small ramekin, about 3/4” deep (the sugar, not the bowl). Melt some white chocolate or candy melts, dip the berries, and allow the excess to drip off.  The dip the lower third of the berry in the sugar. Chill until ready to serve. Bask in the compliments.


These frozen yogurt stars were inspired by Pinterest, where I saw that you could drop yogurt onto wax paper and freeze the drops for a yummy snack. When I saw these star ice cube trays at the dollar store, I had to get them, and I thought they’d be perfect for yogurt. And I was right.
I used raspberry, blueberry, and vanilla yogurt to get a red, white, and blue effect.  It didn’t work perfectly, but if you really wanted to overachieve, you could add food coloring to make it more intensely red and blue.
I keep a ziploc of these in the freezer now, for when the kids (or yes, I) want a quick bite of something sweet.  They’re just the thing, especially when it’s going to be close to 90 here tomorrow. Ugh.
Keep cool, and enjoy the tastiness of red, white, and blue!

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