DIY Find It Bottles

It’s simply amazing the things you find when you finally force your kids to organize their closets (with your help, of course!). When we left Wisconsin last July, one of Princess Thundercloud’s sweet little friends gave her a handmade Find It Bottle.  She played with it a lot on our trip, as did her brothers, but then our 20,000 pounds of stuff arrived and needed unpacking, so I forgot she had it in her closet. Apparently she’s been playing with it all year in her room and I just didn’t know it!

Anyway, I’m sharing it today because I think it’s such a great idea. You can, of course, buy similar ones, but they’re $20 or so, and if you want each kid to have their own, that adds up quickly!


I’m sure you can figure this out…clean an empty bottle (this was an olive oil one), dry it thoroughly, and add rice and all the little things to find. Here’s the list in hers:

  • Q-tip
  • Pink hairband
  • Quarter
  • Penny
  • Orange dinosaur
  • Green dinosaur
  • Pink star bead
  • Green bead
  • Green button
  • Pink Button
  • Paper clip
  • Rotini noodle
  • Green smiley face super ball
  • Hello Kitty sticker
  • Tiger head eraser
  • Chocolate Teddy Graham
  • Goldfish
  • Red Rubber Band
  • Yellow Pompom
  • Sparkly Purple Pompom

I love that it’s things you’d find in your house already, so there’s very little cost to make them, and you’re recycling a bottle! This bottle is glass, which cuts down on the static cling inside it, but you could certainly use a clear plastic bottle just as easily. Oh, and it’s a good idea glue the lid on when you’re done, using Super Glue or E6000.  You don’t want any dumped bottles in the backseat of your car!

As I said, this entertained the hooligans for hours in the car, but they’ve enjoyed it at home, as well.  So even you’re stay-cationing this summer, your kids will love this boredom-buster!


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