Could Not Be Simpler Ice Cream Sandwiches

Last week, on the last day of school, I planned to have hot dogs and root beer floats for dinner. Then I realized, at 5:30, that we didn’t have hot dogs.  But we did have some turkey Italian sausages, so those worked. Then I realized that the hooligans had helped themselves to the cans of root beer in the garage and we didn’t have that, either. To be clear, it was a six-pack of root beer I bought last fall to celebrate the first day of school, so they’ve had 10 months to consume the three cans that were left. Ice-Cream-ChaosServedDaily

Happily, I had some plain sugar cookies that I hadn’t yet decorated for a Fourth of July post I’m doing for next week.  I just put a half-scoop of ice cream on three cookies, smooshed it down a little flat, and added another cookie on top.  I rolled the edges in sprinkles (I had to press them on a little, but that was easy) and put them in the freezer until dinner was finished.

The kids said I’m the best mom ever. But they might be biased.

If you’re like me, you rarely have plain sugar cookies sitting around waiting on an ice cream sandwich emergency to arise. I’m thinking you could use vanilla wafers to make super cute mini sandwiches, still with sprinkles, of course.  Or those chocolate wafer cookies might work, if they’re not too thin. Or chocolate chip or any other cookie you happen to have, really!

And, again if you’re like me, you may rarely even have ice cream on hand. I do always have yogurt, though…check out these fun Easy-Peasy Yogurt Pops I made last summer!


Hope you’re enjoying a summer filled with plenty of treats, planned or not!


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