Photos for the Grands

You know how it is…the grandparents have everything they could ever need, so for holidays we generally send either photos, food, or both. This year, we had seen gorgeous wildflowers when walking the dog, so we went to the woods across the road to take some photos.  0614 Dads Day 140614 Dads Day 10614 Dads Day 3

Have I mentioned how happy it makes me that my hooligans are finally old enough to be cooperative when I want some decent photos?  Not always, of course, but Saturday morning I plied them with pancakes, bacon, eggs, and fruit salad, then hustled everyone out the door while they were full and on a sugar high.0614 Dads Day 11

0614 Dads Day 40614 Dads Day 100614 Dads Day 90614 Dads Day 8

Even the dog was semi-helpful about going where we wanted.0614 Dads Day 50614 Dads Day 7

They found lots of nature to stop and examine, too, which was entertaining. The middle one wanted to wear that long, stringy moss on his head for photos, and then he saw a wildflower that had an entire lifecycle on one stem, from bud to death. I suspect his sister was just feigning interest, but it was nice of her to listen.

0614 Dads Day 20614 Dads Day 6

When we made it back home, I edited the photos a bit, to make them a little more polished-looking, then I uploaded them all to Costco and made 11×14 collages. They look great…my only complaint with Costco collages is that you can’t place the photos as you want them.  You just have to keep clicking “Shuffle photos” until an arrangement you like comes up.  The one I went with isn’t perfect, but I’d shuffled about 25 times and it was as close to perfect as it got!

I mailed them in tubes, since the grands have asked us not to send anymore frames…they use the ones they already have. Knowing that both papas have a sweet tooth, we poured saltwater taffy into the center of the tubes to fill them up. See…photos and little something sweet (as though pics of their grandkids weren’t sweet enough!).


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