Etched Ticket Stub Memory Box

For awhile now, I’ve wanted a way to save all the ticket stubs from train rides, special events, and favorite movies…all the little pieces of paper that don’t fit into my digital scrapbooking plan. As in, I remember this every time I clean out my bill/receipt basket and see all the stubs from about the last ten years.

I was so excited when I found an 8” x 8” frame at Michaels…with a slot already in the top.  It’s really a bank, I think, but it was exactly what I needed. I thought I would just have to buy a shadowbox and coerce the hubs into routing out a slot. But no!

Now, the whole idea of saving ticket stubs in a plain box is fine and dandy, and you can stop there or add some decorative paper or tape around the outside edge…but I wanted to etch! Y’all know how much I love etching glass, right?  Box-Title-ChaosServedDaily

First, I cut out a stencil with my Silhouette.  It says “People, Places, and Fun Things.” If you don’t have an electronic diecutter, I bet you have a friend who does!  If not, you might have to cut it out of Contact Paper with an Exacto knife. See…it’s worth it to find a friend who will share!


Next, I transferred the stencil to transfer paper. This just helps you place the stencil on the glass correctly, without losing any little pieces or anything. It takes a couple of extra minutes, but saves you time in the long run (and probably saves swearing, as well).


Following the directions with your transfer paper, transfer the stencil to the shadowbox glass. This glass was screwed in, and I didn’t want to risk breaking it or stripping a tiny screw when I took it out, so I just etched it in the frame. I did remove the backing, though, to keep it dry when I rinsed the cream off the glass.


Then I liberally applied the etching cream and let it sit for ten minutes.  After that, I rinsed off the cream and dried the whole thing.  It turned out fabulously, even though it’s a little hard to tell in the top photo.


Now, make one for your family, then get busy making some great summer memories! And save your ticket stubs!


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  1. Marie was just talking about the last day of school, last year, when we were all able to go to the movies. That was so much fun.

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