Last Day of School Autograph Shirts

This time a year ago, we were preparing to move from Wisconsin back to Washington, and the kids wanted a way (or lots of ways) to remember their friends.  I saw this great Autograph T-Shirt on eighteen 25, and I thought it was super clever and would be easy to duplicate. And it was!


I didn’t have any iron-on vinyl to use in my Silhouette (and not everyone has one of those, anyway!), so I just used iron-on paper that I printed on an inkjet printer. It was for dark t-shirts, I believe, and I found it at Michaels in the t-shirt decorating section.Autographs-ChaosServedDaily

I made a black clipart shape using a circle and the ends of two arrows in Photoshop Elements, but I believe you could use PowerPoint, Draw, or even Word. I merged them into one shape and added word art using Tangerine and 5th Grade Cursive fonts (both free downloads).


After printing them on the iron-on paper, the black shape was easy to cut out exactly.  Then I just followed the directions on the packaging and ironed them on.  After a year of pretty frequent washings, the shirts still look great.  The decals haven’t peeled at all, and the Sharpies that kids and teachers signed with are still vivid.


I sent each kid to school on the last day with a Sharpie and the other kids signed while my kids were wearing the shirts. It did bleed through and their little torsos were all spotted for about a week, but no harm was done. The PreK-ers were a little hesitant to write on Princess Thundercloud’s shirt…I’m guessing they’ve gotten in trouble a time or ten for having marker on their shirts when they came home from school!

My kids love to read their shirts each time they wear them and reminisce about their friends back in Wisconsin.  I think these were a perfect last-day-of-school idea!


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