Parachute Cord Coffee Cozy

Except don’t tell your husband or whatever manly man you make this for that it has “Cozy” in the name, okay? I originally thought this would be a great kid-made gift for our favorite GI Joe, but it was more intricate than I knew.  So I made it myself, in a couple of hours. I’m really happy with the results!



    • Three (21-foot) lengths of 325 paracord
    • 1 Large button (I used a heart-shaped one…how sweet!)
    • A clipboard or cardboard with pins
    • The mug or Thermos you’re designing it to fit

1. Cut nine 6’ lengths of cord.  Center one of the cords on your clipboard or cardboard to be the support cord. Fold the remaining eight cords in half and tie each to the support cord with a Larks Head knot.

Diagram from Friendship-Bracelets.netCozy1-ChaosServedDaily

2. Form a square knot, working with the first two Larks Head knots only. Here’s a step by step photo tutorial…you’ll be making lots of square knots, so memorize the pattern!

Working with the first two knots, pass the right outer cord over the middle two cords, then under the left outer cord.Cozy2

Next, pass the outer left cord under the middle two cords and over the right outer cord and tighten.  That’s the first half of the square knot..


For the second half of the knot, pass the left outer cord over the middle two and under the right outer.Cozy2C-ChaosServedDaily

Then pass the right outer under the two middle and over the left outer cord.  Tighten, and you’ve got a square knot!cozy2D-ChaosServedDailycozy2e-ChaosServedDaily

3. Repeat across the row, so you’ll end up with four square knots in your first row.


4. For the next row, put aside the two outer cords on either side. Then you’ll tie square knots with each remaining set of four cords. Here, it’s not as hard as that sounds.

First, separate out the next four cords…two from the first knot, two from the second knot. Pass the right outer cord of that group over the two middle cords and under the left outer cord of the group.


Then, just as in step 2, pass the left outer cord under the middle cords and over the right outer cord.Cozy4A-ChaosServedDaily

Tighten the first half of the square knot.Cozy4B-ChaosServedDaily

Again, as in step 2, tie the other half of the square knot. With the left outer cord, pass over the middle two and under the right outer cord. Then with the right outer cord, pass under the middle two and over the left outer cord. Tighten the square knot and tie two more square knots with the next two sets of four cords.Cozy4C-ChaosServedDaily

5. Now, this is the semi-tricky part…finishing up the sides.  You’ll use the two cords you set aside on either side of the row, along with the support cord pulled down each side, to tie a square knot. So separate those three cords, with the support cord on the outside, and tie!  Right over middle, under left, then left under middle and over right. Tighten. Left over middle and under right, then right under middle and over left. Tighten and you have a nice square knot at the border! Repeat it on the other side of the row.Cozy5A-ChaosServedDailyCozy5B-ChaosServedDailyCozy5C-ChaosServedDaily

6. Repeat, steps 2 through 5 until the wrap is about an inch longer than it takes to wrap around the cup, or about 14 inches for a generic size. End on a row with the three-strand knots on the end. Trim and melt the ends of your cords.

7. Sew the button onto one end of the wrap, so the wrap can button over it, through one of the holes in the knots.

It seems complicated, but once you get into the pattern, it’s fairly mindless knotting…I even watched TV while making it!