Fun and Easy Kid Thank You Notes

One of my favorite things about my kids growing older is that they’ve learned to write…and now they can write their own thank you notes, instead of me doing it!  Granted, Princess Thundercloud just finished kindergarten, so her writing skills are super slow.  For her birthday, I made some simple fill-in-the-blank thank yous for her to complete. They’re a little impersonal, I know, but she gets the concept of gratitude a little more when she has to put in a bit of effort to thank people!

For the front of the panel card, I made a collage from her party and printed them in 5×7 size at Costco…39 cents each, I think. I used Photoshop Elements to make the collage, but you could easily use an online service such as Walgreens, Costco, or Shutterfly. Those are just three that come to mind, not necessarily a preference. In the actual collages, the guests faces showed, not snowflakes, but I wanted to protect their privacy on the internet!


To finish the cards, I printed this fill-in-the-blank form on white cardstock, then cut them in half. I used adhesive to stick them to the back of the 5×7 collage, so that a small amount of white matted the collage. I’ve made collages before with the fill-in part in the center of the 5×7, but there are two problems with those The photos have to be really small to leave space for the writing, and it’s hard for little ones to use a Sharpie to write on photo paper, without mistakes, that is.

Anyway, just click here to download the fill-in-the-blank portion.


Princess Thundercloud felt so grownup, writing her own notes, and her little guests loved getting a photo of themselves from the party.

Speaking of her party, we did a Frozen theme (because what else would she want, as a 6-year-old girl this year?).  I found lots of great ideas on Pinterest, including her cake, which was a little like her big brother’s Campfire Cake from December.  It has hard candy “ice” shards, which are hard to see here.

0414 Esme Cake 20414 Esme Food

It was her first sleepover party, and it turned out to be a lot of fun…we watched Frozen, of course, with snacks of white cheeseballs (Bunnytails left from Easter), snowman noses (carrots) and arms (pretzels) with ranch dip, some lemon Muddy Buddies that were powdered sugar covered, and frozen grapes. The frozen grapes were the biggest hit of the whole smorgasbord! Oh, and we also made individual pizzas, but there’s nothing Frozen-themed in that!

I also copied some water bottle labels that I found online and wrapped those around small bottles.

0414 Esme Water Bottles

The party favors were simple…just blue rock candy sticks with a little snowflake-embellished tag tied on them. I used a snowflake shape from Photoshop Elements on a blue background, left a strip of white, and printed them.  Then I just made a tag from kraft cardstock using a tag topper punch from Stampin’ Up! and tied the tag on with some sliver and white ribbon. Easy-peasy.

0414 Esme Favors

All in all, it was a fun, easy party, and the thank you notes (remember, that’s the real point of this post!) took no time at all to make. Love parties like that!


Face the Sunshine Printable

Since the sun has decided to shine (at least once a week) here in the Pacific Northwest, and I’ve finished classes until July and have my days more or less free, I feel like I’m always facing the sunshine!  So I made a printable with one of my favorite Walt Whitman quotes and one of my favorite photos from our time in Wisconsin.


Click here to download an 8×10 version…you can easily resize it, if you’d like. Enjoy!


A Faithful Friend Printable

After a couple of weeks of thinking that it really was time for me to make a new printable for spring, I was still flailing around (mentally, anyway), trying to decide what quote or poem or lyric to use.

Then, last week, a verse from the book of Sirach (also known as Ecclesiasticus), came across my path three days in a row. And not in dated, scheduled devotions that might be planned to intertwine, either. In completely different contexts.  So I (finally, after the third time) thought, “Hey, that’s a great verse for a printable!” I’m a pretty quick study.


You can click right on the image to download an 8”x10” printable.

I think it’s a fabulous reminder of the value of true friendships.  I know I am extremely grateful to have my friends in my life, and I hope I make them feel like the treasures they are.  As we’ve bounced around the country over the last twenty years, Army post to Army post, every assignment has held a few new friends that quickly became integral parts of my life, and they’ve remained true friends as our paths diverge (and frequently converge again!).

I hope you, too, have gathered your friends over the years, into a big, blooming bouquet of happiness!


Winter Poem Printable

So one of my good friends lives in Wisconsin and keeps me supplied with kringles, which are the only ones I waste thousands of calories on because they’re the most delicious.  When she mentioned that she’d like a poem for each season, after I posted “October Gave a Party,” I couldn’t help but fulfill her wish!


Click here for an 8×10 version

Click here for an 8.5 x 11 version

Click here for an 11×14 version

This poem was one of my grandmother’s favorites, possibly because she was a contemporary of Robert Frost. Or possibly because her generation just memorized much more poetry than mine. I wrote another post using this poem, along with some photos I took in Wisconsin two years ago, which you can find here, if you’d like! This photo of the kids’ wagon is one of my favorites from that series:

0112 BW Red Wagon

Much as we love the Pacific Northwest, we do miss the snows of Wisconsin…if there were only a happy medium somewhere!


Printable Christmas Bucket List

You asked for it, I loved designing it, and here it is! I hope your Christmas season is filled to the brim with joy, laughter, and memory-making!

Just click on the image below to download (the watermark won’t be on the download version).


Autumn Verse Printable

Did you see this printable when I shared it over at Live Creatively Inspired last month?  I meant to schedule it here for the last day of September, so you could download it and print it and be ready for the month…but I forgot. So here it is today, and if you send it to Costco online, you can pick it up in a hour…just enough time to find a frame and pick a spot in your house to hang it!

I first read this verse from George Cooper’s poem, “October’s Party,” ‘lo these many years ago, and each fall, as I see the leaves start their brilliantly colored twirling, it comes to mind. I’m always impressed that a poem written in the 1890’s still sounds so perfect in today’s techno-crazy world. It reminds us to appreciate the beauty of nature, and the celebration of the changing of the seasons, I think.

I decided to make a printable this year, and then, because I liked both backgrounds, I thought I’d included links to print either. Each time I walk past, the thought of leaves at a party brings a smile to my face. Cedar-ChaosServedDailyChalkboard-ChaosServedDaily

Simply click on the image below to download it…and enjoy!


These are an 11×14 format, and I printed mine at Costco for about $3 for just the print. You can also get it printed on posterboard for around ten dollars, if you don’t plan to frame it, or just want a posterboard. They would also print as an 5×7 or 8×10 without losing anything.

Enjoy it!


Throwback Thursday: Fall Bucket List

Now, I’ve heard that bucket lists are a little passe this year, but I still love this one from last year, so I’m posting it again! I hope you agree!

Last year, via Pinterest, I saw several “Fall Bucket Lists” and thought, “Now there’s a wonderful idea!” I found several free downloads, but my favorite can be found at the Funky Polka Dot Giraffe. I liked it because there’s a complete one, or one with just the graphics and you can fill in the blanks yourself. I designed one, relying heavily on her creativity, and here’s what I ended up with, after adding our own favorites:


Click here for a downloadable one for yourself!

Please ignore that the majority of these activities involve cooking and eating. That’s just how we operate here at Casa de Chaos. I printed this, framed it, and put it in place of one of my monthly calendars on our 3-month calendar (from my post in July).

Then I thought, “How cute would this be as an invitation to a s’mores campfire?” Pretty darned cute, is the answer. I resized them to be four to a page, printed them, and adhered them to standard 4-1/2” x 5-1/2” cards. Here’s what that looks like, and a link to print them for yourself.


Click here to print your own invitations or cards

I’m so excited to start checking things off this list…but I guess I’ll wait until the weekend at least, so the whole family can join in the fun! I’m such a good mom.

May Day Seed Packets and Printable

I admit, today’s post is a little juvenile…but I couldn’t resist.  Every time I hear the “April showers bring May flowers” poem begin, all I can think of is this joke.  I’m pretty sure I first heard it in elementary school, but it never gets old. In my mind, anyway.


I found a wildflower assortment seed packet at the dollar store (for 25 cents), then simply designed the tag, printed it, rounded the corners, and stapled it onto the seed packet, along with a little bakers’ twine.  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

And, of course, I want to make it easy on y’all, too, so here’s the printable.  Just click on the image to download it (for personal use only, of course!).

May-Day-Tags{Click to download}

I realize very few people celebrate May Day these days, but I thought these little packets would bring smiles to the teachers’ faces and brighten the day!