Seven Recent Favorites

Why seven?  Why not?  I just feel like sharing these “finds” (and maybe I just want to use PicMonkey again for a collage).  Whatever. It’s Thursday already, and I can’t believe the week is almost over…can you?


1. Who doesn’t love the Target Dollar Spot?  I found amazing giftwrap in woodgrain and newsprint there, along with bakers’ twine, stamps, and “natural” cards and ribbons.  But my favorite item must be these felt fall baskets…they’re about 9”x9” and so very irresistible (but they were $2.50 each, not a dollar!).

2. Festival of Prints Designer Series Paper Stack from Stampin’ Up!

3. Dave’s Gourmet Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce…all natural, simple ingredients.  My hooligans love this and it’s so good for them!  And it came from Costco.

4. Tasty Bite Madras Lentils (90 seconds to heat) and Mother’s Farms Pumpkin Seed Tortilla Chips(all natural, non GMO)…also both from Costco.  The kids think these chips are the best ever, but I haven’t let them have any lentils yet…I enjoy them for lunch by myself too much!

5.  I found this lovely pumpkin pin at a local craft fair.  It’s Russian Needlepunch…I sense a new craft that needs to be explored.

6. Homemade Lara Bars from 100 Days of Real Food…use peanut butter, homemade granola, and dates…that’s it. The kids fight over who gets the last one.

7. My favorite new “good cause”…We Give Books.  When you join (a simple registration) you have access to thousands of books (picture books appropriate for up to age ten) that you can read online immediately.  You can donate, of course, but also, for every book you read online, they increase their donations to their chosen organization.  You can read much more about it (and read some fabulous books with your kids) by clicking here.

Yes, I realize there’s a lot of food in there. That’s probably because my hooligans attempt to eat us out of house and home weekly.  Thankfully, they actually prefer healthy foods like the ones pictured here, so it makes it easy for me to introduce new foods and know they’ll most likely think they are delicious!