Confetti Banner {June’s Paper Pumpkin}

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned a time or ten how much I love Paper Pumpkin, Stampin’ Up’s subscription monthly crafting kit. If you’d like a creative escape for an hour or so each month, it’s totally worth the $20 cost. Of course, there’s a link on my Stampin’ Up! website if you’re interested…you can try it out for a single month, or choose other lengths of time. Anyhoo…June’s package contained the directions and ingredients for cards and/or a banner with confetti in each little triangle. Super cute. Banner-Heart-ChaosServedDai

I hadn’t come up with a good reason to make it yet, and then I read a fabulous blog post by my most favorite niece, who will be a senior in college next year. Entitled “Choose Love,” it’s about her efforts to make a difference by showing love.  It’s well worth the time to read it…check it out here, if you’d like (after you finish this post, or be sure to come back!). I was so impressed with her ideas, as well as her expressiveness, I thought she was in need of a care package. Okay, so actually, Princess Thundercloud was baking brownies with mini M&M’s on top for her before I read the post, but the post DID inspire me to make the package a little more special.  So I made a banner from my kit and included that.


The first step was to stamp the die cut circles and put letters on each.  I used Mint Macaron and Tip Top Taupe, alternating them.  The letter stickers were metallic gold. I also punched out a crafty heart from some gold sticker sheets I had on hand, because I like the slightly asymmetric heart rather than the ones that came on the sticker sheet.


Next, the instructions said to put “a pinch” of confetti in each little cellophane triangle. This nearly drove me crazy…next time I’ll use a teaspoon, so they’re evenly divided!  After the confetti was in the triangles, I put a letter-circle in each one and used the included washi tape (I know…washi tape and confetti in one project…woohoo!) to seal the open end, taking care to go all the way to, but not cover, the holes already punched.Banner-Filled-ChaosServedDaBanner-Taped-ChaosServedDai

After laying the banner out in the order I wanted, I cut a piece of gold and white baker’s twine about a foot longer than the banner pieces were. The kit came with plain white twine, but I wanted to use some gold and white that I had. It’s cuter, I think. Banner-Layout-ChaosServedDa Banner-Twine-ChaosServedDai

I threaded the pieces onto the twine, from front to back so that the twine stretched across the back of each piece, not the front.  I put a small (about 1/2″) piece of washi across the twine in the back so the pieces wouldn’t slide around, since I was planning to mail the banner.


It sounds like a lot of steps, but took less than half an hour actually…the same as Thundercloud’s brownies!  The boys made something, too…my middle kid made a card with a nice quote in it about love changing the world, and the eldest made a sign that said “If you need happiness, take one” then had tear-off strips along the bottom with “happiness” stamped on each. It was quite cool…I should have taken a photo of that…a good mom would have. We also tucked in a good book, some pretty-smelling lotion, and a few other little fun things. Banner-E-ChaosServedDaily

Oh, I almost forgot…I folded it, accordion style, and slipped it into one of the envelopes that came with the kit. I used the stamps from the kit, along with a quote from Mother Teresa from a retired stamp set, to make a pretty tag.  I then used a little more twine to attach the tag to the envelope. All in all, a fun little project!



Washi Altered File Folders

Folders-Title-ChaosServedDaI recently found myself with two problems.  I needed file folders for my student teaching stint in the fall, and I have collected so many cool washi tapes that I have nowhere to keep them, such as this amazing set from the craft store that matches my new planner (also justified as a student teaching necessity).

Folders-Tape-ChaosServedDaiLast summer, I found some file folders that were labeled backpack folders, and they were closed on two sides, like an “L,” with the folded side and the bottom sealed. I really like these, whether in a backpack or a totebag, because they stay closed. Of course, I couldn’t remember where I bought the ones last summer, so I had to improvise with some nifty teacher-ish folders I found in the Target Dollar Spot.  First, I used regular Scotch Quick-Dry Adhesive to glue the bottoms of each folder closed. Folders-Glue-ChaosServedDaiThen I thought, why not use a little washi to make sure it’s really secure (as well as much cuter).  I ran a strip of washi along the bottom, leaving the majority hanging over, so I could wrap it onto the back of the folders.


Folders-Backs-ChaosServedDaAfter running a bone folder over the washi tape overlap on the back, I flipped the folders to the front and added another, contrasting washi tape. Cuter by the step, right?


These just took a few minutes (maybe fifteen minutes for all six folders) and allowed me to use twelve different washi tapes from my stash. As a bonus, I now have super cute folders that will keep my calculus from my algebra papers when I bring them home to grade!

Don’t you need some folders that put the “fun” in functional for your life, too?