Crown of Thorns Family Project

Since tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, and my kids are all old enough now to grasp the concept, I wanted to make a Crown of Thorns to help us to observe Lent this year.  When I explained the idea to them, they all seemed eager to participate.  The plan is that each time they do a good deed during Lent, they remove a thorn from the crown.  I’m hoping it will prove a good way to get them to think about their actions a little more than they usually do.


The supplies for this are simple…a grapevine wreath (I found mine at the dollar store), some toothpicks, and some wood stain or ink refills to color the toothpicks. I put a few drops of Early Espresso reinker in a ziptop bag with a couple of tablespoons of rubbing alcohol, dropped in the toothpicks and made sure they were all soaking up the color, and let it sit for an hour or so.  Then I just took the toothpicks out and let them dry on a couple of layers of paper towel overnight.

Once the toothpicks were dry, all I had to do was randomly stick them into the wreath.  Ours is on a rustic wood-slice pedestal in the middle of the dining room table, so we see it everyday. I think I’ll be able to save the wreath and toothpicks to use year after year, too, so that’s a bonus!


A Dozen Great Valentine Ideas

I thought I’d post some of my favorite Valentine ideas from the past…this year, we’re making the Cozy Toes Cupcakes for the teachers, and various non-candy class Valentines.  If you’re still looking for ideas, here are a dozen!

Teacher’s Valentine Treat Box


Fortune Cookie Class Valentines



Cinnamon Sugar PalmiersPalmiers-ChaosServedDaily

Cozy Toes Cupcakes (with Fuzzy Socks)


Lollipop 3D Valentines


Significant Dates Love-ly Art


Home Is Where the Heart Is Burlap Canvas Art


Personalized Carved Heart Platter


Easy Heart Mints


Bee Mine Bit O’Honey Jar


Dark Chocolate Cherries with Amaretto


Bee Mine Honeycomb Canvas Art


and, to make a baker’s dozen…Heart-Healthy Overnight Oatmeal in a Jar! It’s perfect for those you love and want to keep around for a while!Oatmeal-Jar-ChaosServedDail

And now, back to studying!  I’m taking my Math Content Exam next Tuesday, so send good thoughts my way, pretty please!