Cute Curly-Q Crocheted Hat

For Halloween, Princess Thundercloud was a Lalaloopsy, and I made her a bright turquoise blue wig out of yarn. But, they couldn’t wear any part of their costumes to school this year and instead were encouraged to wear crazy hats and socks.  So, of course, I thought I’d just make a crazy hat for her. Ignore the fact that I have only very basic crocheting skills.

One of my friends found an adorable wig for a Merida (from Brave) costume for her little girl.  It was basically a stocking hat, with long curls made of double crochet. I decided to make a kind of similar one, using Lalaloopsy colors, and just curls from the crown of the hat, since I already had the wig she was going to wear for trick or treating…and I decided to do this three days before Halloween. Anyway, the hat turned out almost exactly as I imagined!Hat-1-ChaosServedDaily

To begin, just make a basic hat.  I followed these simple instructions from Lion Brand Yarn, making it all one color rather than changing colors.  Then came the fun part…making the curls for it.

For each curl, I crocheted 25 chain stitches.  Then, into each chain, I crocheted 3 or 4 double crochet stitches.  It looks a little wonky as you’re doing it, but when you finish, it’s simple to twist the stitches into a spiral curl.  I left about a 6” tail at the start and finish.Hat-2-ChaosServedDaily

When I got all the curls made (I made all 7 in one evening), I just tied them securely to the crown of the hat, using the yarn tails. Princess Thundercloud loves it, and she can wear it anytime, since it’s not so crazy people would stare. Well, it’s a little crazy, but that’s pretty much how she dresses every day, anyway.  Confidently dresses, I should say. Hat-3-ChaosServedDaily

I saw an orange hat with a few curly green “vines” that one of my friends made for her baby girl…it was adorable, too!  My conclusion here is that adding a few curly-q’s is always good…they’re like the glitter of the yarn world!


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