Arm-Knit (in 30 Minutes) Scarf

I’m sure you’ve seen these Arm-Knit Scarf photos floating around Pinterest or any craft website…I saw whole endcaps of “arm-knitting” yarn at Joann’s and Michaels this weekend.  I made this one last December, when we were in the middle of a cold snap. Well, cold for the Pacific Northwest, anyway. These are fun to make and cozy to wear…I hope you’ll give them a try!


As you might guess, you use your arms as if they were knitting needles to knit this. There’s a great tutorial at flax & twine,  and if you’re a knitter already it takes no time at all to catch on. I think if you didn’t have some idea how to knit, it might take a couple of tries to get it, but it should still be an easy learning curve.

All you need to make a scarf is 2 skeins of ultra bulky yarn (now conveniently labeled in stores as arm-knitting yarn, apparently!).  Then pull up a good show on your DVR and start knitting!

I made these as Christmas gifts last year, so, unfortunately, I probably can’t do that again this year. I may have to go make some new friends between now and December so I’ll have an excuse to make some more!


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