Family Favorite: Burrito Bowls

We have leftover nights at least two times a week…not the kind of leftover nights that I make the leftovers into something new, just the kind that I pull all our leftovers from the past few nights out and tell the family dinner is served.  It’s up to them to heat it and eat it. And they really don’t seem to mind.

BUT when I’m feeling domestic, I make the leftovers into their favorite Make-Your-Own Burrito Bowls.


We usually have some sort of cooked chicken on hand.  I just saute some corn, black beans, and diced chicken with a little chili powder, garlic, and cumin for the main part. While that’s cooking, I also cook some quick brown rice and cut up a salad. Or, better yet, we love the salad mix with cabbage, cilantro, and tortilla chips from the grocery store.

When the chicken mixture is hot and the rice is cooked, I put out all the toppings (cheese, guacamole, a couple of kinds of salsa), along with the rice, chicken, and salad.  When I call the kids to dinner and tell them it’s Burrito Bowls, it’s a stampede to the kitchen.


It’s a quick and easy way to recycle leftovers…and it doesn’t seem like you’re eating leftovers, is the best part!  Of course, if you have a craving and no leftover chicken, you can always use the meat from a rotisserie one…or make veggie ones!

We’re having these for Halloween night, before we hit the neighborhood for trick-or-treating. I think it’s a great way to get whole grains, protein, and vegetables into the hooligans before they load up on candy!


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