Cute and Simple Barrette Holder

One of my favorite party favors (that my kids have received, anyway) ever is this cute Barrette Holder from a party Princess Thundercloud attended last year.


What little girl doesn’t need a place for barrettes?  We certainly do!  I’m sure you can figure this out on your own, but here’s a look at the back:


The ribbon is about an inch and a half wide and about 30” long. And it holds a ton of barrettes that previously weren’t used because it was too difficult to find them all jumbled together in a drawer.

The top flower is a pre-painted wood cutout from the craft store…I think they’re about 60 cents each.

Barette-Top-ChaosServedDail At the bottom, the ribbon is cut in an inverted “v” to prevent fraying and a large button is sewn on with contrasting thread, to add weight so the ribbon hangs straight.


Even if you don’t have a party to make favors for, this is a great little project any little girl you know!


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