Perfect Cold-Brewed Coffee

We’ve had about three days when the temperature has been above 75 degrees, so I am craving iced coffee rather than hot.  When I don’t plan ahead, I have to brew a Keurig cup of coffee and wait for it to cool, which is annoying.  So I try to always have a pitcher of this Perfect Cold-brewed Coffee in the refrigerator.  I’ve found cold-brewed coffee results in a more mellow, less acidic flavor for iced coffee, and it’s super simple to do.


The supplies are simple:

  • 1/2 pound ground coffee
  • 1 gallon pitcher
  • A large pot
  • Cheesecloth (in the notions section of the fabric store)
  • Fine mesh strainer

1. Put the ground coffee in your pitcher and pour cold water over it. Let it sit on your counter for at least 8 hours.


2. Prepare your pot and strainer: Set the strainer in the top of the pot and line the strainer with cheesecloth. You don’t want to be picking coffee grounds out of your teeth as you drink, do you?


3. Carefully pour the brewed cold coffee through the strainer, catching the grounds in the cheesecloth.Coffee-Strain1-ChaosServedD


See, there’s a lot of grounds left in the pitcher. Dump those in the trash or work them into the soil in your garden or flowerbed.

4. Pour the strained coffee from the pot into a pitcher and chill it in the frig. It will keep for about a week when refrigerated. And it’s a whole lot cheaper than buying iced coffee at your favorite coffee shack!Coffee-Pitcher-ChaosServedD

Since I’ve been on this semi-Paleo plan, I don’t eat dairy at all and I drink my coffee black, but I’ve found coconut milk and coffee makes a delightfully decadent-tasting treat on a hot afternoon.  Okay, a warm afternoon here in the Pacific Northwest!  But one day it might actually reach the 80’s…in August, maybe.


One thought on “Perfect Cold-Brewed Coffee

  1. I love cold brew coffee. It’s so much sweeter and richer. You don’t need much of it either! I let mine sit for 24 hrs. Whoo is it good! Now I wish I had some. Better get some started!

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