Pretty, Pearly Bangles for Mom

It’s true…Mother’s Day is this Sunday!  Did you already buy, make, and/or mail a gift to your mom (or any of those amazing women who have kept you on the straight and narrow all these years)?  Well, I haven’t. But, in my defense, in the last three weeks, I’ve had a birthday party to plan, Easter and all it entails, and a First Communion celebration to whip up; of course, I’ve also been trying to finish school for the term so I can have a month “off” before the hooligans are released for the summer. And I’m sure you’ve been just as busy!

Anyway, you’ll love these Pretty, Pearly Bracelets for yourself or to give someone special. I love that they’re quick and inexpensive, and you can make them in any color you’d like. Ready to see how? Here goes!


First, you’ll need only a few supplies:

  • Bangles (these were 12 for $8, but I had a coupon, so they were even less at Michaels)
  • Embroidery thread
  • A spool of 3mm “pearls” (from the wedding section at the craft store)
  • E6000 (isn’t that a well-loved tube…and it says “Amazing” right on it!)


Run a very thin bead of E6000 around the outside of a bangle, then press the pearls around it, snipping the strand when you’re all the way around.  Place it on a silicon mat or waxed paper to dry while you “pearlize” the other bangles. The glue doesn’t need to be continuous, but enough to hold the pearls securely around the edge.


When the glue is pretty dry, begin wrapping the thread around the bangle.  I held an inch-long “tail” and wrapped over it to secure the starting end.  I wrapped twice between each pearl.  It sounds tedious, but really took about 5 minutes per bangle. And I was watching TV, so time flew.


When you have wrapped all the way around, put a small bead of E6000 on the bangle and lay the thread over it, pressing it into the glue.  Let it just sit for a few minutes to allow the glue to dry a bit, then snip off as close to the glue as possible.Bangles-Glue-ChaosServedDai

And now you’re finished with that lovely bangle!  Make a set, tie them with a ribbon, and present them with a smile!


I think I may have found a new jewelry-making addiction!


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