Easy “Egg”-cellent Teacher Gift Tag Printable

I can’t believe Easter almost here…it seems as though Lent just started (other than totally missing the eating out that we gave up for six weeks!).  Anyway, it occurred to me this morning that I need a little gift for our teachers, so I made a cute printable tag.  Then it took mere minutes to pop a few chocolate eggs (and a little Easter grass) into a kraft fry box, wrap some fabric Duck tape around it, and attach the tag (with adhesive and a cute clothespin).


You can’t see the fun fabric tape from the front, but here’s a back/side view…I’ve been itching to use this tape, and now I feel the need to incorporate it into every project I can!


And guess what, y’all? I posted the printable tags on Box, so you can just download, print them, and make your own cute teacher gifts. These chocolate eggs came in a giant bag from Costco (and have no “bad” ingredients) and the fry boxes were from Pick Your Plum.  The eggs would be equally as cute in a cellophane bag, of course…but then I wouldn’t have been able to use my fabric tape!

Just click on the image below to go to the download page.


The printable has 6 tags per page, 2 with a blue background shown above and 3 with a yellow/orange watercolor background. I couldn’t decide which I liked better.

Happy Easter, if I don’t post again before then!  It’s a super busy week, what with Holy Week activities AND Princess Thundercloud’s 6th birthday on Friday.  At least I had the sense to postpone her party (her first slumber party) until next weekend, thinking that people would have way too much to do this weekend. She still expects class treats and a family celebration on the actual day, though, so I’ve been busy making a gymnastics set for her American Girl doll…I’ll post about that sometime soon! Oh, and I had a 15 page paper to write to finish up my Comp 2 class this week. Have I whined enough to be forgiven for the lack of posts? Please???

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