Magic Jellybeans

So this will be our third year planting Magic Jellybeans.  What, now?  You don’t know about Magic Jellybeans?  It’s one of those ideas I read online somewhere and filed away in the back of my mind (obviously before I had Pinterest, or I would have just pinned it).

It’s a simple idea…the night before Easter, plant some jellybeans and the next morning, giant lollipops (we use those Peeps-on-a-stick kebabs) have sprouted.  I cannot tell you how much the hooligans love this!  We even did it while staying at a hotel in Denver the first year…I saw a dude out walking his dog at oh-dark-thirty eyeing the Peeps kebobs very suspiciously, but thankfully, he steered his pet elsewhere to take care of business.

Here’s the scrapbook page I made from last year’s experience.  I made a little pillow box with a label smeared with “chocolate” (ink), put the jellybeans in it, and stuck it in our mailbox for the kids to find.  And, yes, I secretly saved the box so we can have the same delivery this year.



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