A Faithful Friend Printable

After a couple of weeks of thinking that it really was time for me to make a new printable for spring, I was still flailing around (mentally, anyway), trying to decide what quote or poem or lyric to use.

Then, last week, a verse from the book of Sirach (also known as Ecclesiasticus), came across my path three days in a row. And not in dated, scheduled devotions that might be planned to intertwine, either. In completely different contexts.  So I (finally, after the third time) thought, “Hey, that’s a great verse for a printable!” I’m a pretty quick study.


You can click right on the image to download an 8”x10” printable.

I think it’s a fabulous reminder of the value of true friendships.  I know I am extremely grateful to have my friends in my life, and I hope I make them feel like the treasures they are.  As we’ve bounced around the country over the last twenty years, Army post to Army post, every assignment has held a few new friends that quickly became integral parts of my life, and they’ve remained true friends as our paths diverge (and frequently converge again!).

I hope you, too, have gathered your friends over the years, into a big, blooming bouquet of happiness!


5 thoughts on “A Faithful Friend Printable

  1. This is beautiful! I have been looking for something different for my frame too :) Somehow, the Spring has Sprung poem wasn’t making the cut 😉

    • Well, maybe you can put up the Spring one in a few months! And thanks for the compliment…let me know if it doesn’t print well at a bigger size and I’ll resize it for you at a good resolution.

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