Simple Washi Tape Storage

I admit it…I have a problem. Well, lots of them when it comes to collecting craft supplies, but today I’m specifically admitting to an ever-growing washi tape stash.  A quirk of mine is that I want to have everything within my sight in my craft room…which makes for a messy room, and then I feel too overwhelmed with messiness to be creative. Aaahhh…what to do?


Fortunately, my craft room has a walk-in closet, and I have all my paper punches (bought before punches were made to store flat) in a hanging shoe rack on the inside of the door.  These thread racks from Joann’s fit washi perfectly, so when they were on sale for 50% off, I bought a couple.  Well, okay, I bought one, brought it home, and realized I had way too many rolls of tape to fit on it. So I had to buy another the next time I was there.

Anyway, we had this over-the-door peg rack from our bathroom in Wisconsin, and didn’t need it in this one, so I hung it on the outside of the craft room closet door. I hung the thread racks on it, and wired them in place to be sure they didn’t slide around and throw washi everywhere.

It makes an easy, and even somewhat attractive, way to organize all those little rolls of tape, and I can see exactly what I have in what color. So I can buy the ones I don’t have, of course.


6 thoughts on “Simple Washi Tape Storage

  1. I’ve tried to resist the washi craze for this very reason! Alas, I succumbed through the “help” of a friend (feel guilty yet?) But all’s well, since she also shared a clever storage idea. You should have picked up another rack or two though, just sayin’…

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