Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I decided that today I’m going to share a few things that have made me smile lately…because I have Irish eyes and they really ought to be smilin’ today!


Two things make me smile about this photo:

1. Daffodils are my favorite, and they’re around for such a short time…but I found these at the grocery store Wednesday, and they’re still gorgeous today!

2. The scrollwork on the back of this secretary desk just had to be repaired…from our move last summer, when the dunderheads snapped off the whole rounded part of the middle, splintering the scrollwork. The guy who repaired it carved matching pieces by hand. Pretty amazing, right?  It gives me hope for my grandmother’s buffet that the same company is carving a replacement claw foot for right now. Of course, this damage all happened 8 months ago and we’re just now getting things settled and repaired..but on with the happiness!

3. The middle hooligan is making his First Holy Communion in May.  Last week, his class led the Stations of the Cross, and he ended up being one of the readers. With no prep at all, he spoke clearly in to the mic, while reading some pretty difficult (sometimes even for the adults) text…yay for him and his self-confidence!


4. Watching the oldest hooligan construct his science fair project…comparing pulley systems. It’s great to see him get involved in something other than Legos or Minecraft.  Of course, I’m sure getting to use power tools helped!


5.  Princess Thundercloud had building a leprechaun trap as a homework assignment…you gotta love that teacher!  The pesky leprechaun was in their classroom every night last week, creating havoc and building their anticipation.  She could not wait to get to school today to see what he’d done…and to share the hijinks our leprechaun perpetrated last night!

6. And one last thing…I’m a two and a half months in my 6 month college term, and I’ve completed 12 hours…woohoo!  I’m trying to finish 9 more hours by the end of May, so I can spend June on end-of-school stuff for the hooligans and helping the hubs transition out of the Army (he’s retiring after 25 years!).  I was really nervous about being back in school after so long (also 25 years), but look forward to my study time every day…so far!

So there’s my happy bragging out of the way for awhile…now I’m going to go pop the Irish soda bread in the oven and get the corned beef and cabbage in the crockpot.  Hope you day is filled with the luck o’the Irish (or at least some of their beverages!)!

12 thoughts on “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  1. I just have to tell you that your words are the last I read every night before bedtime – what a perfect way to end a day for me! Love that your son is moving up the ladder in creatings – never underestimate the value of Legos, Kinex, etc! Love all the antics of you and your family members – you are all so blessed!

  2. I’m glad things are going well. I was wondering how school was going to be treating you. I can’t believe how grown up your youngest child looks!!! She appears to be headed straight for the teenage years! Was wearing jeans an requirement for using the power tools? 😉

    • Let’s not mention the teen years yet, okay? I just can’t begin to think about it for her! And, yes, he actually was doing this after church last week, so he was in jeans rather than sweats. He does occasionally wear them of his own free will now, to school, but I suspect it because he can’t find anything else! Happy St. Pat’s…looks like it’s cold enough there to excuse you from the drunkfest parade in Erin!

      • I started working, three hours a day, a few weeks ago. I am in the reading room at one of the Germantown schools. The hours are great, the pay isn’t bad and I have finally gotten my “foot in the door”! There are so many applicants for each job, around here, still!! So, no St. Patrick’s Day parade again this year. There was a slide show, on Wisn.com of the parade, in case you really needed to see it 😉

  3. Love daffodils too. A ton of them grow in the woods between my house and my neighbors (more like the neighbors side) but they don’t cut them so I help myself. I have some right now in the window in a blue canning jar. Love them!

    Glad school is going well for you!

    • Thanks, Laura…I bet those daffs in a blue jar are beautiful! I read that Ball is producing a green canning jar this year…I can’t wait to get my hands on those, too!

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