TBT: Knitted Shamrock Dishcloths

I love these dishcloths I made last year for St. Patrick’s Day, and, as luck would have it, I find myself in need of a couple of new ones.  There’s nothing better than an evening spent knitting while catching up on all those TV shows hanging around on my DVR…after I have all my schoolwork done for the day, of course!.

Since I made coasters with hearts in them earlier this year, I’m a little fascinated by the patterns achieved by simple knits and purls. I think it’s because it’s a little like counted cross-stitch, which I did (a lot) during my GI Joe’s deployments.

For St. Patrick’s Day, I found a pattern online for dishcloths with shamrocks. Yippee!


Isn’t that cool? I also made one using a rainbow yarn, but the pattern is much harder to see and I wasn’t as pleased with it. But it’s still pretty nifty!


These take one ball each of cotton yarn, and, per the pattern, I used Size 3 needles to make it more closely knit so that the pattern stands out more.

You can find the pattern from Kris Patay at Kris Knits here. Each dishcloth took about 6 hours to knit, but I’m pretty slow (and I was watching DVR’d programs so had to keep fast-forwarding though commercials and losing my knitting rhythm. Don’t judge.).

The plethora of free knitting patterns online is a source of never-ending wonder to me…all you have to do is Google and suddenly you have more ideas than you can possibly knit in a lifetime!


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