Five-Minute Valentine Gift and Tag

Maybe it’s because my favorite GI Joe loves Bit O’ Honeys. Or maybe it’s because I had to write a five-page paper on an issue I felt was important and I chose to write about the mysterious disappearance of honeybees (I can send you a copy if you’re concerned, too). Whatever the cause, I have had bees, honey, and Valentines on my brain lately. So I made this cute tag you can download for your honey.


The color is a little wonky in the photo…again, I blame it on the sunshine!  But, anyhoo, you can see the idea here…I just cut out the tag, rounded the edges, and used some cute washi tape to attach it to the jar.  I had some wide striped ribbon that completed the whole thing.

Bee mine Pink

click here to download the hot pink one

Bee Mine Red

or click here to download the red version.

I used a corner rounder on mine, just for fun, but left the downloads with square corners to make them easier for you to trim. But if you have a corner rounder punch, it just finishes off the tag a little bit more!

If you can’t find Bit O’ Honeys (I finally found mine at the dollar store, after looking at every grocery store around), you could just tie this to a jar of local honey (don’t laugh…someone in the hubs’ office has in-laws with an apiary, and they discuss honey a lot around the water cooler!…and the jar the gave us for Christmas was the best honey ever!). I also used the “Bee Mine” sentiment one year when the hubs was deployed and I sent a new pair of two-way radios to him…back then the only color choice for Motorola was yellow and black, so they looked like bees. Anyway, if your sweetie needs some walkie-talkies, here’s the perfect tag for a yellow-and-black pair!

Oh, and I just thought of this…what a fun classroom Valentine with a couple of honey sticks (you know, those plastic straws filled with flavored honey) threaded through it! Too bad my hooligans already made theirs for school.

Hope you’re having a sweet day!


6 thoughts on “Five-Minute Valentine Gift and Tag

    • Thanks, Steph! I’m all stressed out about honeybees dying since I wrote that research paper…and Frank says I stressed him out about it, too! Maybe I’ll get a hive for Valentine’s Day!

      • Honestly, that’s not a bad idea. I’m into honey too, and my son is really into bees and has done some personal research in them, because he’s kind of a homesteader type of personality. He’d like to have a hive or two someday, if he ever graduates college (he’s only 25 years old!). Sometime when you’re back here, we should take some time together, with whoever else wants to come, and go visit a couple of bee farms. Boulder might be the closest one. But there are quite a few.

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