Teacher Valentine Treat Box

Now you know I’m not going to let a holiday of any sort pass by without sending a little treat to the teachers, right?  Because you know that my hooligans make those teachers earn their pay!  And I’m eternally grateful, because it means I don’t have to homeschool them.

Anyway, the kids like to give the teachers something handmade, so I came up with these boxes (which I found at Target’s Dollar Spot, of course) filled with a few treats. Treat-Box-ChaosServedDailyI also found push pins with pink plastic flags on them there, and we bought a box of tiny binder clips to split between the three boxes, as well as mini sticky note pads to split.  Oh, and a bag of kisses. No, not all the kisses fit. I sampled the rest to make sure they were fresh.


I had a set of Valentine washi tape from Pick Your Plum (how fortuitous!), so we spent a half hour or so adding washi to the push pins and binder clips, just to say we made something in the box. Plus, the pins and clips were pretty cheap looking without embellishment. Well, they were cheap, so what did I expect???

Anyway, we found a package of three binder rubber bands at Target, as well, and the hooligans have three teachers, so that worked out well. Plus, there was one blue, yellow, and white instead of pink, and we needed one for a guy teacher. Yay!


I think the teachers will like these, and be able to use the boxes afterward to organize things in their desks. The cost came to a little under $5 for each, which I thought was a reasonable amount for a small holiday!


3 thoughts on “Teacher Valentine Treat Box

  1. Very cool! I don’t remember seeing these cute boxes, at the Target in the Falls. Hmmm, maybe all of the “cool” crafty things are now going to the Target in Washington State…

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