Our Class Valentines

You’d think we could just make the same Valentines this year that we made last year, since we’re at a new school and all. But, no, the hooligans wanted something they’d never done before…so here’s what we made!

The kindergartener put together some cute robot boxes from Stampin’ Up! that I had from a few years ago, and we found robot-themed notepads at Target to go in them, along with a little box of crayons.  Super easy and she was so impressed with herself for folding all those boxes (and it gave me time for a second cup of coffee).

E-Val2-ChaosServedDailyE-Val-ChaosServedDailyVal-Robots-ChaosServedDailyThe second-grader chose bouncy balls for his classmates.  I found a simple download for the labels and small ziplocs at the craft store (in the jewelry-making section), so that was another easy Valentine.

Val-Balls-ChaosServedDailyWe found the labels at The Crafting Chicks, if you need some for yourself!

My fourth-grader spied these cute fortune cookie erasers at the Target Dollar Spot, so we just put them in a bag along with an actual fortune cookie and added a tag.  My kids love fortune cookies, and the fortunes, so these were perfect!


And, guess what?  You can click here to download the fortune cookie tags I designed.  They print 6 to a page, and we just printed them on white cardstock. If you can’t find the fortune cookie erasers, you could easily just have the real fortune cookie and attach the tag directly to it. Or I’ve seen fortune cookies dipped in melted white or dark chocolate (just halfway) then sprinkled with Valentine sprinkles.  Once they harden, pop a couple in a bag and you’re done!  Our school doesn’t allow homemade treats, so that won’t work for us, but I know some schools still do allow homemade things.

I love making, I mean helping the hooligans make, Valentine treats for their friends.  I’ll really miss that in a few years…maybe I’ll just spoil my own high school math students then and make them treats instead!


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  1. These are such cute ideas. And Megan, I’m so glad to see that you’re still able to post much more often than I anticipated! Thanks! :)

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