Bee Mine Honeycomb Canvas

My front door was looking a little forlorn since I (finally) remembered to take down our Christmas wreaths a week or so ago.  In my defense, that’s not the door we use every day!  Anyway, I wanted something for Valentine’s Day, and came up with this cute Bee Mine Honeycomb Canvas.


The photo is a little oddly lighted, because of course the sun came out (for the first time in weeks, I think) as soon as I walked out with my camera. But sunshine is too rare in Washington for me not to share it with y’all, anyway!

The kids (as usual) wanted to help with my project as soon as they saw my supplies. Here’s what I used:

  • 8×10 canvas
  • pale yellow craft paint
  • golden brown craft paint
  • a piece of giant bubble wrap (for wrapping all your giants in)
  • burgundy vinyl for the stencil
  • Bee Mine electronic cutting file from Silhouette
  • Silhouette die cutting machine

First I/we painted the canvas with the pale yellow craft paint.


After it dried, I painted the golden brown onto a piece of giant bubble wrap in an area large enough to cover the canvas.


Then I quickly pressed the painted bubble wrap, paint side down (or that will be a ginormous mess), onto the painted canvas.  This photo is kinda wonky, too, because of course the sun wasn’t out and adding light to my kitchen counter where I was making this.


The kids pressed it really well on all the bubbles, and removed it. Look what I had!

Bee-Canvas-ChaosServedDailyWith an open mind, the hooligans totally agreed with me that it looked liked honeycomb. Although I’m not certain they know what that looks like, except from the Bee Movie.

Anyway, all that was left to do was cut a stencil on my Silhouette, using a file I downloaded last year (when I first wanted to do this, but ran out of time before Valentine’s Day). After cutting it out, we transferred it to the canvas.  Bob’s your uncle, we tied a ribbon on it and hung it on the door.  The ribbon is merely stapled onto the frame in back, since it’s not a heavy canvas.

It made a fun Saturday morning project for us and gave us something to do while waiting to stir the granola we were making every fifteen minutes. And then the hooligans popped all the extra bubble wrap I had saved.


3 thoughts on “Bee Mine Honeycomb Canvas

    • Thanks, Susan…and the kids did love that part! I loved that the paint dried really quickly after we stamped it onto the canvas, so it didn’t make a mess!

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