Winter Poem Printable

So one of my good friends lives in Wisconsin and keeps me supplied with kringles, which are the only ones I waste thousands of calories on because they’re the most delicious.  When she mentioned that she’d like a poem for each season, after I posted “October Gave a Party,” I couldn’t help but fulfill her wish!


Click here for an 8×10 version

Click here for an 8.5 x 11 version

Click here for an 11×14 version

This poem was one of my grandmother’s favorites, possibly because she was a contemporary of Robert Frost. Or possibly because her generation just memorized much more poetry than mine. I wrote another post using this poem, along with some photos I took in Wisconsin two years ago, which you can find here, if you’d like! This photo of the kids’ wagon is one of my favorites from that series:

0112 BW Red Wagon

Much as we love the Pacific Northwest, we do miss the snows of Wisconsin…if there were only a happy medium somewhere!


4 thoughts on “Winter Poem Printable

  1. Hugs to you! I love this poem. I am NOT loving our current -19 degree weather with the wicked wind chill :( You would also not be loving this cold snap. We haven’t been outside to play for several days… I am now off to search for a nice, spring weather themed poem. Wishful thinking, eh? 😉

    • Thanks for prodding me! I love it, too, especially when I’m looking out at green grass and 50 degree rainy weather…and remembering last winter in WI…I think it was a perfect winter! I hope you got some much needed alone time today!

  2. Wow, this poem came back to me. Our son, Scott, had to memorize this for school & I too memorized it by default. Its lovely and brought a smile to my face today. Thanks!

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