Comfort and Joy Wall Words

Each year, I try to incorporate a new holiday decoration, and last year I bought 9” tall chipboard letters spelling out “Comfort and Joy.” I’d wanted to do this for a few years, but could never make up my mind as to what words, but finally decided that, for me at least, the holidays are all about the comforts of home and family and the joy of Jesus’ birth, spending time with loved ones, and the wonder in little ones’ eyes…it’s a lot of joy!


I waited until the letters went on sale for half price, and it really wasn’t too expensive…I think a little over a dollar per letter. I used Command poster strips to hang them, and they stayed securely but came off easily with no damage when the season was over.

This took all of ten minutes (minus the shopping trip to buy the letters) and I love that as guests left our home, the words would be the last thing they saw before walking out the door. Usually I have a sign up there that says “What if the hokey pokey really is what it’s all about?”  I’m not saying that’s not more appropriate for our house, but it’s nice to portray a calm facade once in a while.

I even found a spot in our house this year for them…over the kitchen window.  Since I spend most of my days in the kitchen this time of year, it’s a perfect location so that I see them all day long.


This year our mischievous elf, Joe, cut out a new letter “E” and changed it to “Comfort and Joe” one night. The kids thought it was so funny…I really wish I could get credit for some of these ideas instead of them thinking I’m an old fuddy duddy. Which I probably am, since I just wrote “Fuddy duddy.” Whatever.

I’m thinking of drilling holes and adding lights to make them marquee letters next year, but I may or may not do that.  I really like the natural kraft color, especially in my non-glitzy Christmas décor. Because the hubs won’t let me use glitter in this house, since we’re staying in it forever. Again, I say, whatever.


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    • They are, Dania! I have a set of antique ones my grandma gave me that say Be Clean, Be Nice, Be…etc. with little bees doing chors on them (kitschy but cool!) that I use year-round, too. I think I’ve had them in every house we’ve lived in!

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