No-Sew Printed Burlap Placemats

Look what I made this weekend…festive, simple burlap placemats for my winter table. But first, tell me I’m not alone in this…I go to the fabric store for one thing, and end up getting material to make at least three other projects, as well. But I am loving these No-Sew Printed Burlap Placemats I made for our everyday table.

I saw this fun snowflake and glitter printed burlap on the shelf, and I knew I had to have it for SOMETHING. So I decided on placemats, easy-peasy. All the printed burlap was so enticing…gold dots, paisley, all sorts of things…but I loved the glittery snowflakes on the blue background.Placemats-ChaosServedDaily

I bought a yard and a half and it made 6 placemats, 17” x 14” before I fringed them.  I simply used my rotary cutter to make them the correct size, then raveled a few strings from each edge to make about a half-inch fringe.

They were a little wrinkled, so I ironed them on a cotton setting with steam, printed side down.  The print didn’t come off on my ironing board, but I didn’t want to take a chance that it would stick to my iron.  I ran a bead of fabric glue along the edges on the back side (working with wax paper under the placemat to catch any drips) to keep them from unraveling further and let that dry thoroughly before using them on my table.

With my red Christmas dishes and some simple cranberry-and-candle filled glasses, they make a whimsical setting for the table…and I can use them even after Christmas, with the snowflakes and general wintery design. They fit in perfectly with our “everything in the house is distressed” look (thanks to my three hooligans), as well as lending a bit of the red, white, and blue we Army folks use so often!DSC_0005

Now, really, doesn’t your table need a dash of fun for the cold, wintry days ahead of us?

2 thoughts on “No-Sew Printed Burlap Placemats

  1. Look at all of the green out of your windows!!! That was WI, last December. Not so much this year!! I like the place mat idea. I can no longer trust myself, in the craft or fabric section of a store. No more crafts until I clean the house…

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