Nativity Pallet Art

Look what I made: this simple, yet gorgeous Nativity Pallet Art!

Nativity-Pallet-ChaosServedI love it…and I have to give it away. I designed and crafted this Nativity Pallet Art for a gift exchange at my Bible study group, but when I saw that it actually looked as good as I thought it would (that doesn’t happen a lot of the time!), I decided I want one of my own. And I’m going to make one as soon as I have a spare hour. So, let’s say….for Christmas of 2043? No, I’m kidding…I’m making one this weekend for myself.

To make yourself one, you’ll need a few supplies:

  • Wooden stakes (sold in a bundle at the hardware store)
  • Craft Paint:  Metallic Gold, Metallic Blue, and a lighter blue…I used Plaid’s Light Periwinkle, but I’ve had it for years so they may not even make it anymore
  • Stencils  or vinyl (I downloaded a manger one from Silhouette and the words are in Keep Calm font, cut on my Silhouette as well)
  • Foam paintbrushes
  • A gold spritz pen or an old toothbrush and some of the gold paint

1. Cut the wood pieces so that you have 9 that are 12” long and 2 that are 13” long.  Mix a stain with about a teaspoon of light blue paint and 4 Tbsp water and brush it on the front and edges of the 12” long pieces. Let dry.

2. When dry, use E6000 or similar adhesive to glue the longer pieces to the back, as shown:


3. When that is completely dry, cut your stencil and place it on transfer paper. Transfer it to your “pallet” and paint with metallic paints.  Carefully remove stencil, touching up if necessary. (if you’re using a store-bought stencil, you’ll need to spray the back with a light adhesive, lay it on your pallet, and then paint, being careful not to get paint under the edges of the stencil.)

4. Use the spritzer to add a little glitz to the light blue background, or, if using a toothbrush, get a bit of gold paint on it and run your thumb along the brush to create a spatter. Practice this on newspaper or scrap paper first!

5. When all the paint is completely dry, attach two small eye hooks and hanging wire to the back, like so.


If you don’t have a die-cutting machine, you can probably find a similar manger scene already cut at a craft store, or, if you’re better with a craft knife than I, you can make your own stencil from clipart.

I hope whoever gets this at the swap loves it as much as I do…and I hope I find some time to make another!


6 thoughts on “Nativity Pallet Art

    • Oh, you know, here and there when I should be picking my kids up from school on early release…and forget to! But thanks…I really like how it turned out!

  1. Pinned it, and plan to do it!
    (We have to get a “Love” button! “Like” just doesn’t express how wonderful this project is)
    Thank-you very much Megan

    • Hey Jamie, I don’t think I can get another one made this year before Christmas…I didn’t even get around to making one for myself today! I’ve been making fudge and other treats for gifts all day, and then I have my eldest’s birthday party this week, along with volunteering at class parties…if you want one for next year, I’ll definitely find time to make you one before you leave!

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