Washi Tape Votive Gifts

I’m sure you’ve seen the cute tealights wrapped with washi tape for various holidays…and if you haven’t, kudos for you for resisting the pull of Pinterest! I wanted to make some of the tealights, only partially to justify the growing collection of washi tape I’m amassing, but mainly because I thought they would be perfect little gifts for a “Merry and Bright” Christmas.

But…when I looked for tealights at the dollar store, they were really shallow pans, so I didn’t think my washi would fit well. And then I spied some little glass votives, really a bit skinnier than votives, packaged three in a clear container and tied with a bow. I snagged all they had (only six packages) and hurried home to washi.


How cute are those?  And here’s all I needed to make them:


These simple little Washi Votives will make perfect gifts for teachers, neighbors, and friends this holiday season and convey just the right message…May your Christmas be merry and bright!


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