Blown Egg Ornament

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before that the best thing about living in Wisconsin for two years was the chance to make new friends. One of my friends, Sandi, is quite crafty and made this ornament for me last year. And now I’m showing off her handiwork to you!  I think it’s quite a clever concept, and she did a fabulous job on it.  See ?


I think she said she found cheap ornaments that looked like large Christmas lights at the dollar store, and used the hanger and sliver base of them.  She blew out the egg (or, if she’s like me, asked her husband to do it), then painted it with a glossy acrylic paint. Several coats, I believe she said. Then she ran glue around the inside of the cap and attached the egg.

Isn’t it gorgeous?  The sheen of the paint and the texture of the eggshell just fascinate me, I tell you! What a delightful gift this was to receive, and I look forward to remembering our fun times each year when I place it on my tree!


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